Why You Should Avoid Laces on a Limo

Shoes are great for protecting your feet, but there is a pretty good chance that you use them for a lot more than just that. This is because of the fact that they are important aspects of your overall outfit as well, and if you care about how you look you would definitely want to buy shoes with laces above all others. This goes double if you are planning to ride in a limo soon, but we would implore you to reconsider this decision since shoe laces are the worst thing in the world when it comes to limo rides.

You see, even though shoes with laces might look good, they eventually become quite a bit of a nuisance. People that are pitching in for the Charleston limo pricing are all going to be having a good time and they wouldn’t really notice where their feet are landing. Hence, they would end up stepping on your feet, and if this happens enough times not only would your shoes be ruined but your laces would end up opening time and time again as well and you would have to find a corner where you can tie them once again lest you or someone else trips over them and you end up getting blamed for the whole thing.

If you just avoid wearing shoes with laces, your limo experience would be the sort of thing that wouldn’t involve any kind of inconvenience. People might still step on your feet but you can step right back on theirs and both of you would acknowledge that this is just the sort of thing that happens on limos and that there is no reason to get upset over it.